A fresh perspective on fit and healthy living.

Finding exercise you enjoy along with fueling your body right, are two major keys for reaching your biggest goals. At Team FFnH, your coach, Sarah Grace, teaches YOU to be your own nutritional expert, meanwhile helping you love your body and avoiding calorie obsession or militant exercise. A no-dieting philosophy.


Eat ALL Foods

You will never be told to eliminate any foods or food groups altogether, but instead, be taught how to fit those favorite foods in.

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Be Held Accountable

Through a HIPPA-compliant platform, you will be given recommendations, (+ have check ins and 24/7 chatroom access with your coach for higher levels). This platform also allows you to upload selfies, food photos, weekly measurements and other metrics such as levels for stress, sleep, and hydration :)


Optimize Your Performance

With the nutrition guidance you receive from your coach, you will be fueled and energized for all activities of life, whether you are a competitive athlete or busy momma chasing her kids.

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Join a Community

Through a private FB Group, you will have the community with several others on similar missions and with similar goals, for ultimate motivation, accountability, and incredible community.


Become a Nutritional Expert

In joining this community, you will learn so much about your own body, what makes you feel best, how to get results, and how to avoid common mistakes.


Achieve Your Goals

It's a win-win when you decide to join Team FFnH. You get to enjoy your life, yet still reach your goals. And most importantly, you have a community behind you supporting you along the way


Are you ready to join an incredible community and reach your goals?!

Once filling out the sign up form, you will receive an email response within 48 hours of availability, and "next steps" of accessing the nutrition platform if there is available spots. This is where all communication and check ins will be performed, and your personalized program will be found. From there, you will “check-in” with Sarah Grace biweekly and work together on reaching your goals. You will also be held accountable daily for sleep, stress, hydration, and other measures, through this platform. This relationship goes beyond your diet, as Sarah Grace is dedicated to meeting you where you are at, and giving you the right tools and advice to reach your own personal goals.     #TeamFFnH