Because of first hand falling into the downward spiral of an eating disorder, I know the pain of it all.

BUT, I also know freedom is a REAL thing, because of now experiencing it myself. Let me help you discover it too?

Watch the video below to hear my story, or simply fill out the form if you're interested in working with Sarah Grace and she will be in touch shortly.

"I worked with Sarah Grace over a month's time under her four-week intuitive eating program and holy moly how this changed my life. I've suffered with a binge eating disorder for the last four years and tried absolutely everything with no success; and in four short weeks that I worked through Sarah, she provided me with the tools to completely change my life. It changed my relationship with food, it changed the relationship with myself, and just my entire mentality towards life. She gave me back my freedom. So I honestly cannot thank you enough Sarah for giving me back my freedom. You have changed my life and I would hundred percent recommend working with her. If she can pull me out of the dark hole that I was in and struggling with for years, she can change your life too. So thank you so so much again Sarah, I will be forever grateful to you. — Amy, from Sydney Australia

I can't wait to help you FIND FREEDOM!

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“You helped me become a better me”

THANK YOU SO MUCH SARAH GRACE! I have learned so much from you about living a healthy and good lifestyle. You just really helped me become a better me!

— J.J.

"You have changed the way I look at nutrition and the term "being healthy". 

You helped me get past the bad days, and celebrate the great ones. You have changed the way I look at nutrition and the term "being healthy". You are an incredible inspiration. M.P.