Best new mom, best bride, best athlete, best business owner. I love helping driven, passionate human beings reach their potential & feel both physically amazing and confident in their skin!


Sarah Grace Spann

A believer, author and registered dietitian with a MS in sports nutrition, fueled by passion and chocolate. Sarah Grace combines her own personal journey and experiences along with the education she's learned in the classroom, to offer long-lasting results, without compromising one's freedom.

Past D1 athlete and eating disorder warrior, now gone nutrition professional and entrepreneur on a mission to redefine what living healthy truly means. She believes in teaching YOU to be a nutrition expert yourself -- learning what your individual body needs and feels best with, so you can begin living a #FreshFitnHealthy life, without strict dieting or militant exercising.

"I love simplifying nutritious eating, active living, and fat loss/lean muscle gain, so that you can ultimately create control over your life, feel energized, reach your goals, and be both confident and happy with who you are."



No Matter Your Need, Sarah Grace Can Help

Sports Nutrition 

Nutrition is the most important component to help an athlete reach their full potential. It’s also the missing link that athletes don’t tend to think about when developing a plan to improve performance. A good diet improves energy, strength, power, recovery, health, and can minimize your chance for getting sick which keeps you on the field, court, or mat much longer.

Fitness Guide

Purchase Sarah Grace's at-home workout guide to get fit without leaving your home!

Disordered Eating || Intuitive Eating

Have you been struggling with disordered eating? Or stuck in the terrible diet cycle that continuously makes you feel like a failure? Interest in this "eating intuitively" concept, desiring to listen to your body again, getting back to your roots of eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you are full? This is for you!

Gym/Corporation Packages

Are you a gym owner in Florida that wants to partner with me to provide more value to your members? I can be your nutritionist on a consulting basis.

Do you own a business where your employees could benefit from wellness packages or fun, within-company health challenges to bring the team together?

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General Wellness Consulting/ Packages

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Nutrition Plans focused on leaning out, gaining muscle, losing the freshman 15, new mommas, brides-to-be, and family-oriented packages as well. Other services such as grocery store tours, pantry/kitchen makeovers, and more.

I provide nutrition counseling virtually all over the world and in-person in Tallahassee FL. 

Speaking, Writing, & Media


Get the Fit in a Flash Workout Guide Today!

30 workouts under 30 minutes for a busy lifestyle

“Through both my education and real-life experiences, I am confident I can help you reach your goals.”

Why You Can Trust Me

  • RD Eligible - Taking RD Exam July 2017
  • MS in Sports Nutrition
  • BS in Human Nutrition
  • Past D1 Athlete
  • NFL Experience
  • MLB/MiLB Experience
  • Collegiate Sports Experience

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