Best mom, best CEO, best bride, best athlete, best business professional. I love helping driven, passionate human beings reach their potential & feel both physically amazing and confident in their skin!


Sarah Grace Spann

A believer, author and registered dietitian with a MS in sports nutrition, fueled by passion and chocolate. Sarah Grace combines her own personal journey and experiences along with the education she's learned in the classroom, to offer long-lasting results, without compromising one's freedom.

Past D1 athlete and eating disorder warrior, now gone nutrition professional and entrepreneur on a mission to redefine what living healthy truly means. She believes in teaching YOU to be a nutrition expert yourself -- learning what your individual body needs and feels best with, so you can begin living a #FreshFitnHealthy life, without strict dieting or militant exercising.

"I love simplifying nutritious eating, active living, and fat loss + lean muscle gain, so that you can ultimately create control over your life, feel energized, reach your goals, and be both confident and happy with your body."

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Sarah Grace has spoken to many different audiences, including the Minnesota Twins MLB/MiLB Strength and Conditioning Staff, and at the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitian Association's Annual Conference.


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“Through both my education and real-life experiences, I am confident I can help you reach your goals.”

Why You Can Trust Me

  • Registered Dietitian
  • MS in Sports Nutrition
  • BS in Human Nutrition
  • Past D1 Athlete
  • NFL Experience
  • MLB/MiLB Experience
  • Collegiate Sports Experience
  • CARES about her clients genuinely.

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