As a registered dietitian, I've come to realize that in order to get results, it goes way past telling someone what is healthy and what is not. And it takes a lot more than just one session to really experience long lasting transformation, and for me to empower someone to be their own expert of their body. This is why I created the Fresh Fit n Healthy Academy - a  personalized, coaching program - where you are given EVERYTHING you could possibly need to see true transformation in your life & become an expert of your own body.

Fresh Fit n Healthy Academy: An individualized blueprint that meets you where you are at, and gets you to where you want to be.

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E -Courses for Every Stage of Your Health Journey

Whether it's needing to break up with the diet mentality and find freedom, reignite your "bad genes" you feel stuck with, or simply learn how to Diet like a Dietitian which starts with a strict structure and transitions into a long lasting, freeing lifestyle -- there is a course to help your journey!

The 3 Pillars of the FFnH Academy

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Let’s be honest, we have access to millions of resources to get in the best shape of our lives. Millions of workout videos and even more articles on how we should be eating. The problem is with all the options and information, all saying they are right and the others are wrong, it can be confusing to navigate on your own. It makes it hard to know exactly what to do and what will actually get you the results that you most want. With the right strategy, and learning what are myths out there and what aren’t, losing fat, gaining lean muscle, bettering your overall health - whatever your individual goals are - becomes easy to achieve, almost like second nature.

Let Sarah Grace do all the work for you, sifting through all the bad information out there and staying updated on what truly works, to give you an exact map from where you are now to where you want to be.


Break the chains holding you back. Mindset is a largely overlooked area of our health journeys but can be easily argued as the most important part. We try to stick to a diet with sheer will power, then end up falling off, unable to maintain it, loosing momentum toward reaching out goal. If you shift what you believe about health and your value in who you are, we create a new identity and habit of health.

Living and eating healthy also comes down to listening to your OWN body – and becoming more mindful through all of daily life - especially eating. Through 1-1 coaching calls, all of these common mindset problems are talked in depth about - so that you can truly experience the long lasting breakthrough you've desired.




Let's be honest, many of us know what we SHOULD DO. And if not, with a quick google search we have thousands of articles telling us the answer. But for some reason, despite knowing what we should do, we just don't do it. When we have someone to keep us accountable that knows our goals and checks in on us with encouragement and the occasional “hey you’re not doing what we set goals to do”, it makes sticking to our path, much easier. Agreed? When we know we have someone holding us to a higher standard, and is invested in our results, then we are more likely to stick to the plan that will ultimately make us feel our best.

Coaches even need coaches. We all need accountability in our life. Which is why this is a huge part of the program. For 12 weeks - you will not only have the ultimate accountability throughout the week to JUST DO IT, but will be taught tips and tricks to help you keep yourself accountable after our time together.

There is an application process, as Sarah Grace keep her clients few and only take on the EXTREMELY COMMITTED humans out there that are all in for reaching their goals. If you are 100% dedicated and NEED this life transformation, then this is for you. This goes way past any weight or body composition goals - this coaching experience will lead to improved self esteem, confidence, relationships, energy levels, happiness, and overall lifestyle.


What Current/Past Clients Are Saying...

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